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Speaker Management Processors

Seikaku – DLM-808

DLM-808 is an audio matrix processor, with 8 input and 8 output channels, with high-definition LCD to display current status at real time, with network port to expand network devices. It is available for large-scale place, such as theater, broadcast hall, gymnasium and conference center and so on.

Its function can be summary as below:

  1. All input channels are equip with GATE/EXP/CROSSOVER/PEQ/DELAY/COMPRESSOR function .
  2. All input channels are equip with Gain/Crossover/PHASE/PEQ/DELAY/COMPRESSOR function
  3. 8*8 audio matrix
  4. With 8 channels in and 8 channels out audio interface expansion card (DANTE).
  5. Match with PC and App operation software, which is convenient for user.
  6. User can on-line update DSP and MCU Firmware via internet.
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