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Globally recognized networked AV training & certification

Dante Certification Program

Over the last decade, Dante Certifications have become the de facto standard for AV networking professionals. The program provides an easy path for professionals in all parts of the industry to learn about Dante and to promote their expertise. Completing Dante Certifications demonstrates your Dante proficiency to potential employers or to your clients. The current program includes five extensive certification courses as well as a number of electives.

Dante Certification Level 1

3.0 CTS, CTS-D or CTS-I RUs
3.0 ANP RUs

Dante Certification Level 1 provides an introduction to the Dante platform. It offers fundamental knowledge on digital audio, digital video, basic network and how to setup a basic Dante network using Dante Controller. This course provides enough knowledge to operate a Dante system in daisy chain mode or on a single network switch.

Dante Certification Level 2

3.0 CTS, CTS-D or CTS-I RUs
3.0 ANP RUs

Dante Certification Level 2 offers a deeper explanation of how to create larger networks. This class offers insights on how much bandwidth is used, how to manage it, basic optimization and factors if you wish to chase an external clock. Level 2 is helpful when working on systems that will involve multiple network switches.

Dante Certification Level 3

3.0 CTS, CTS-D or CTS-I RUs
3.0 ANP RUs

Dante Certification Level 3 builds the necessary skills to navigate a Layer 3 enterprise network. This includes explanations of what Layer 3 means, why it is helpful and how Dante systems can naturally span a building, a campus, or even multiple properties. It also offers demonstrations of Dante Domain Manager connecting devices across Layer 3 boundaries. This class is especially helpful to those who want to build a large Dante network and those who wish to improve their ability to work with IT staff at large organizations.

Dante Domain Manager Administrator Certification

2.75 CTS, CTS-D, or CTS-I RUs

The Dante Domain Manager Administrator Certification is the long-awaited, comprehensive training module for those looking to expand their knowledge beyond Dante Levels 1, 2 and 3. As Dante networks have become larger and more complex, the need for logical segmentation, advanced clocking configurations, user management and detailed logging have become required features. Dante Domain Manager provides all of those functions and so much more.

This course dives deep into how to deploy and configure Dante Domain Manager and how it relates to and interacts with Dante Controller.

Dante Mastery Certification

32 CTS, CTS-D, or CTS-I RUs

Launched in May 2023, the Dante Mastery class is Audinate’s first and only paid, hands-on, in person certification course. Consisting of 4 days of intensive training at Audinate’s U.S. headquarters in Portland, Oregon, the Dante Mastery course truly sets a certificate holder’s knowledge apart by providing real world switch configuration scenarios, creating a large layer 3 network, and deploying Dante Domain Manager to manage the entire classroom’s network of 16 identical lab stations.

Dante AV Elective Course

1.25 CTS, CTS-D, or CTS-I RUs

During this hour-long, on-demand training session, we explain the key concepts around the Dante video platform called “Dante AV.”Already established as the de facto standard for networked audio, Dante AV now adds a variety of video endpoints into the Dante ecosystem, making it easier than ever to deploy comprehensive AV solutions managed under a single unified control and management system. This course illustrates just how easy it is to deploy Dante video alongside Dante audio, and goes into detail on the various types of Dante AV products such as Dante AV Ultra, Dante AV-H and Dante Studio.

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