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Dante Managed API

Extend your Dante network by integrating new control surfaces, monitoring applications and more with the Dante Managed API.


What’s inside?

The Dante Managed API allows for the custom integration with third-party devices and applications to control and monitor subscriptions of Dante devices. The API is commonly used to enable easy access for non-expert users to update Dante subscriptions without using Dante Controller. For example, a university can enable a teacher to switch between podium and lavalier microphones with a touch panel button, and not require any underlying knowledge of the Dante system, network routing or Dante Controller subscriptions.

Built using GraphQL, the creation of your own custom API integrations is fast and easy. Several software and hardware manufacturers have pre-built Dante integrations using the Managed API, details and download links are included on this page.

Access to the API is included free-of-charge for all Dante Domain Manager, Dante Director and Dante Connect customers.

Crestron Control Module for Dante

The Crestron Control Module for Dante allows you to control Dante subscriptions (routing) on Crestron Series 3 or 4 processors that support Crestron Web Services (CWS). It requires the presence of the Dante Managed API included with Dante Domain Manager or Dante Director.

Free download

AMX Control Module for Dante

This Duet Module allows you to control Dante channel subscriptions using any AMX NX series controllers and touch panels and works with Dante-enabled AMX products such as the N4321D, N2612S, and N2622S. Documented for use with Dante Domain Manager, functionality is also supported with Dante Director.

Free download

Bitfocus Companion Integration

Bitfocus Companion is an open-source project that enables the reasonably priced Elgato Streamdeck to be a professional shotbox surface for a huge number of different presentation switchers, video playback software and broadcast equipment. The latest beta of Bitfocus Companion now includes integration with the API for Dante included in Dante Domain Manager v1.5 and higher.

Free download
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