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One platform. More flexibility.

Dante AV

Dante AV offers a comprehensive range of networked video solutions tailored to suit your specific needs and budget.

Choose from high-performance options prioritizing low latency and ultra-high-quality video transmission, ideal for demanding environments, or explore cost-effective solutions designed to enhance collaboration in modern workplaces and classrooms, all leveraging the power of Dante.

Discover the power of one platform.

Dante AV video endpoints boast interoperability across manufacturers that utilize the same codec. Designed to send video alongside Dante audio over standard 1 GbE networks and with audio channels that are compatible with the thousands of Dante-enabled audio products available, system design requirements are simplified.

With a single tool, Dante Controller, for configuration and routing, and system monitoring and security with Dante Domain Manager, operating AV systems is a breeze. When you connect your audio and video with a single point of control, you create incredible experiences.

Hit Productions

Dennis Cham, Founding Partner and Chief Technology Officer

“Dante AV was the perfect solution for us to send audio and video all over the facility with the lowest latency. Dante AV is cutting-edge technology that will allow us to be more productive and expand to meet the challenges of a changing industry.”

City Church

Sarah Karlen, Arts and Communications Pastor

“Our musicians, technicians and the congregation have all noted that everything looks and sounds better. Bringing together all the equipment and systems into a unified platform allows us to focus on the art of the production, not on the issues and limitations of the cable runs or equipment. We’re now able to efficiently share our message with more people in a higher quality way, and the Dante platform has made it possible.”

Grace Community Church

John Mark Conaway, Sunday Technology Supervisor

“We were fully committed to Dante on the audio side, so when we heard about Dante AV, we were interested in trying it out. Our initial test in the main overflow room was a ‘set it and forget it’ trial, which worked perfectly. That’s the type of reliability we were looking for, and we didn’t need to tinker with it continuously.”

West Park High School (Roseville, CA)

Jon Oates, CTE Media Arts instructor

“In conversations with AJA about Dante AV with its low latency, embedding and disembedding of audio, my mind started to see the bigger picture. We could pull in the FOH mix and put it anywhere we want, the green room, the classrooms, and then, hang on, we can use the broadcast room in different ways, we can do overflow spaces, we can support events like graduation, we could bring in the music department…”

Exceptional video to meet the most demanding standards

Dante AV Ultra

Dante AV Ultra delivers visually lossless 4Kp60 4:4:4 video with imperceptible, deterministic latency over 1GbE networks, ensuring precise audio-video synchronization. Say goodbye to AV sync issues and experience natural-looking video ideal for performers, presenters, and audiences.

Dante AV Ultra is perfect for replacing SDI infrastructure, providing a flexible, scalable networked AV solution with seamless multi-vendor interoperability. Dante AV Ultra delivers the ultimate AV experience, clearly. See for yourself.


Dante AV Ultra products


Dante AV 4K-R

The AJA Dante AV 4K-R, utilizes the revolutionary new Dante AV Ultra solution for standard 1 Gbps networks that enables manufacturers to add networked video to the industry leading Dante audio-over-IP platform. The Dante AV 4K-R decoder will convert Dante AV Ultra signals up to 4K/UltraHD 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0. Dante AV provides ease-of-use, seamless multi-vendor interoperability, and integrated control experience that customers have come to expect from AJA Video and Dante by Audinate.

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D220 HD / D412 4K PTZ Camera

Bolin D Series PTZ camera is the world’s first DanteAV hardware enabled pan, tilt, zoom camera interfacing video and audio in a standard 1 Gbps network, and pro-viding uncompromised video quality with lowest latency and synchronization. Designed to seamlessly integrate into an existing Dante audio ecosystem, the D412 PTZ is managed using the Dante Controller Software with flexibility to independently route audio and video with sub-microsecond accuracy to minimize time alignment issues.

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Greater flexibility at limited bandwidth

Dante AV-H

Dante AV-H ensures seamless interoperability and robust management and security for H.26x video endpoints, handling audio and video signals with ease. It’s ideal for enterprise networks, offering high-quality video up to 4Kp60 4:2:0 resolution at bandwidths as low as 10-50 Mbps.

Perfect for conferencing, lecture capture, campus-wide video distribution, or streaming live events, Dante AV-H truly delivers more with less, providing reliable and scalable networked video for workplaces, classrooms and beyond.


Dante AV-H products


Link 4K

Ready to add video to your Dante setup? With Dante AV-H™ and the latest in auto-tracking capabilities, the Link 4K fits easily into even the most complex Dante design or workflow. The Link 4K combines broadcast quality with Dante’s simple discovery, set up and management, simplifying and professionalizing any video production installation.

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BZBGEAR is proud to announce the next generation of PTZ cameras: the BG-ADAMO-4KDA. Brilliantly designed with exclusive features and a unique form factor, the BG-ADAMO is unrivaled in its class on the live stream broadcasting market.

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Dante video for your PC

Dante Studio

Dante Studio software seamlessly brings Dante video directly to your PC, eliminating the need for extra hardware. With Dante Studio receive Dante video streams within applications, capture and send your PC’s display, or monitor video flows across the network in a standalone app.

Dante Studio is instantly compatible with Dante AV Ultra and Dante AV-H devices, so adding networked AV to conferencing, lecture capture, and streaming workflows has never been easier.

Get Dante Studio

Application diagrams

Not every event or space has the same AV requirements. That’s why Dante offers a product for any need. Whatever you do, we’re here to help.

Elevate your video conferencing using Dante AV for exceptional quality audio and video that resides on your already in place network. Ensure IT satisfaction with user access control, audit logs, and cross-subnet monitoring.

Dante AV seamlessly integrates video to Dante audio systems in place for hybrid learning, lecture capture, and sound reinforcement. Bolster AV system support via Dante Domain Manager's alerts, audit logs, and API for easy control system integration.

With lightweight and reduced cabling needs Dante is a breeze to set up making it the perfect solution for live event sound and now video. Distribute video throughout the venue or reach a wider audience through streaming with Dante AV.

Meet our Dante AV partners

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