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Dante AVIO Adapters

通过任一已连接 Dante 的系统使用电脑、移动设备和您偏好的传统音频设备


Dante AVIO 适配器配有多个功能完善的 Dante 接口,具备您期望从 Dante 联网中获得的所有功能。


  • 比特完美的音频再现
  • 超低延迟
  • 全网络采样精准同步

找到您的 AVIO


Dante AVIO 适配器可自动发现,连接后即可使用,无需单独供电,只需使用普通 PoE(以太网供电)交换机,Dante AVIO 模拟适配器即可使用。 Dante AVIO 适配器不需要额外的软件或驱动程序,因此很容易与任何新安装或现有安装集成。

Dante AVIO adapters help solve a variety of audio interface challenges for professional systems integrators. Here are some ways that systems integrators have used Dante AVIO adapters in their installs:

  • Provide cost-effective connection to Dante ceiling speakers in meeting rooms
  • Provide simple in-room connectivity of computers and devices to the room AV system via USB or Bluetooth (no need for client to install software)
  • Extend PA beyond primary zones to exterior hallways and rooms without pulling analog cables from I/O racks
  • Add analog playback equipment to the Dante network

House of Worship AV techs are always striving to provide the best experience for the congregations they serve. Last minute changes are often unavoidable, and having a suite of tools to address a variety of challenges can often be used to solve these needs.
Here are a few ways that church tech teams have used Dante AVIO adapters:

  • Solve a last-minute request by visiting pastor to be able to playback media from a cell phone to the PA during the message (AVIO Bluetooth adapter on Dante network)
  • Send sanctuary audio mix to a classroom used as a temporary green room (AVIO analog out adapter from Dante network to classroom analog rig)
  • Add an extra keyboard to the worship band when the main stagebox is already full (AVIO analog in adapter directly on Dante network)
  • Playback special walk-in music stream to lobby from temporary laptop computer source (AVIO USB adapter connected to Dante network)

Dante AVIO 适配器可自动发现,连接后即可使用,无需单独供电,只需使用普通 PoE(以太网供电)交换机,Dante AVIO 模拟适配器即可使用。 Dante AVIO adapters can be setup and used quickly in any Dante network configuration as no extra software or drivers are required.



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