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Workaround for AVIO and Ultimo critical issue: Devices unenroll after reboot


This issue is fixed in AVIO firmware v4.2.2.5 (released for Analog, USB and USB-C; pending for Bluetooth and AES-3).

Please update your firmware using Dante Updater.

Affected products

There is an known issue affecting the following products and versions:

  • Dante AVIO (all types), firmware version
  • UltimoX based devices, firmware version


After enrolling the device in Dante Director (or DDM, when enrolled directly from Dante Controller), it reverts to unmanaged mode after a reboot or power cycle.

This causes loss of audio, assuming the devices it is connected to remain enrolled.


  • When an affected device is first enrolled after upgrading to the affected version, there is a bug related to the initialization of data storage.
  • After a reboot, the device loses its server configuration, cannot contact the server (Dante Director or DDM) and reverts to unmanaged mode.
  • Once the device is re-enrolled a second time, the data storage is properly initialized and the issue will not occur again.


  1. Enroll the device in Dante Director (or DDM directly via Dante Controller, if this is the preferred method)
  2. Reboot or power cycle the device
  3. If the device unenrolls and shows as unmanaged, enroll it again a second time


After completing the workaround, reboot or power cycle the device once more to ensure it stays enrolled.


Fixed in AVIO v4.2.2.5 (released for Analog, USB and USB-C; pending for Bluetooth and AES-3).

Will be fixed in an upcoming release of UltimoX.


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