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Why can I see two Primary Leader Clocks in Dante Controller?

If you are using a non-Dante PTPv2 device, for this scenario, this is not a problem.In this case, we can see the device BROOKLYN3-27092a is the leader Clock for PTPv1 (Primary v1 Multicast) and that it is following (Primary v2 Multicast) a device that provides a PTPv2 clock to the network.Note: AES67 mode is enabled on the device BROOKLYN3-27092aYou can find the MAC address of the PTPv2 device by hovering the mouse over the name Unknown Device*.As can be seen from the screen shot below, the MAC address of the PTPv2 device matches what is displayed within the Dante Controller, therefore, we can see that the AES67 device is the Master of Clock for PTPv2. There may be instances where having multiple leader clocks is the result of a network configuration issue. For more information, see https://www.audinate.com/learning/faqs/multiple-leader-clocks

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