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Which network ports does Dante use?

Ports, URLs and Servers listed below:

General Dante Ports

Address Port Usage Type 4321 ATP Multicast Audio Multicast 5004 AES67 Multicast Audio (RTP / AVP port) Multicast 319, 320 PTP Multicast & Unicast when using DDM 5353 mDNS Multicast – 233 8700 – 8708 Multicast Control and Monitoring Multicast 9998 Logging Multicast 9998 PTP Logging (if enabled) Multicast 9998 Logging Multicast 9875 SAP (AES67 discovery) Multicast
UDP 28800, 28700-28708 Via control & monitoring (External) Unicast
UDP 38800, 38700-38708 DVS control & monitoring (External) Unicast
Protocol Port Usage Type
UDP 14336 -14591 Unicast Audio [Excluding Via] Unicast
UDP 34336-34600 Unicast Audio [Via Only] Unicast
UDP 4440, 4444, 4455 Audio Control [Excluding Via] Unicast
UDP 24440, 24441,24444,24455 Audio Control [Via Only] Unicast
UDP 4777 Via Control [Via Only] Unicast
TCP 4777 Via Websocket Unicast
UDP 8850,28900, 24445 Via control & Monitoring (Internal) Unicast
UDP 8850, 38900, 8899 DVS control & monitoring (Internal) Unicast
UDP 8000 Dante Domain Manager Device Port Unicast
UDP 8001 Dante Millau Device Proxy (Internal only) Unicast
UDP 8002 Dante Lock Server Unicast
TCP 8028 Dante Controller GraphQL UI Unicast
UDP 8029 Dante Controller AO Device Communication Unicast
UDP 8751 Dante Controller metering port (From FPGA based devices) Unicast
UDP 8800 Control & Monitoring (Excluding DVS-4.0 and Via) Unicast
TCP 8753 mDNS clients (Internal only) Unicast
TCP 16100-16131 HDCP Authentication for Video Endpoints Unicast
UDP 61440-61951 FPGA level audio flow keepalive Unicast
TCP 4778 DVS websocket (Apple Silicon release only) Unicast
DAL Ports
Third party applications using the Dante Application Library (Software Dante) can use other ports for ARCP, DBCP, CMCP and Application Control & Monitoring for their communication. This is specific to each application. Please consult the specific application developer for more information on the required ports.
Audinate Servers
Dante Via
Address Port Usage
support-software-license-via.audinate.com 443 License server
software-links-via.audinate.com 80,443 Online user documentation
software-updates-via.audinate.com 80,443 Automatic updates
Dante Virtual Soundcard
Address Port Usage
license.audinate.com 80, 443 License server (port 443 for DVS 4.2.X and higher)
http://dev.audinate.com/GA/dvs/userguide/webhelp Online user documentation
software-updates-dvs.audinate.com AND software-updates.audinate.com Software updates
Dante Updater
Address Port Usage
firmware-update.audinate.com 443 Downloading firmware files and device details
Dante Domain Manager
Address Port Usage
software-license-ddm.audinate.com TCP 443 Software licensing
software-certificates-ddm.audinate.com TCP 443 Certificate acquisition and signing
software-updates-ddm.audinate.com TCP 443 Software updates
software-links-ddm.audinate.com TCP 443 Online user documentation
ANY UDP8700, 8800, 28700, 28800, 38700, 38800 Device enrolment via IP
Port Usage
TCP 80 Web user interface (non-TLS)
TCP 443 Web user interface (TLS)
UDP 8000 Device communications
TCP 8001 Controller communications
TCP 8443 Controller login
TCP 8081 High availability service
TCP 27017 High availability database sync
UDP 8702 Device Enrolment via IP
Dante Firmware Update Software
Protocol Port Usage Type Application
UDP 69 and 6969 TFTP Server Unicast Firmware Update Manager
Dante Updater
UDP 9005 TFTP Server Unicast Firmware Update Manager
UDP 67 Failsafe recovery Multicast Dante Updater
UDP 6700 Failsafe recovery (old devices) Multicast Dante Updater
Dante Firmware Activations (Broadway, IP Core)
Address Port Usage
hardware-activations.audinate.com 443 Dante Activation Manager

Dante Studio

Protocol Port Usage Type
UDP 4322 Dante Studio Unicast
UDP 16490 Dante Studio Video port Unicast
UDP 48700,48900,48800 Dante Control and Monitoring (Virtual Webcam) Unicast
UDP 16700 Keep-Alive Unicast
TCP 4461 Video Engine APEC Unicast
TCP 6444 Clock mapping port Unicast – 233 8700 Multicast Control and Monitoring Multicast 9998 Logging Multicast 9875 SAP (AES67 discovery) Multicast 5353 mDNS Multicast 319,320 Dante Clock Synchronization (PTP) Multicast and Unicast when using DDM
UDP 44440,44455, 44444 Dante Studio Video Control Unicast
UDP 8000 Dante Domain Manager Device Port Unicast
UDP 8001 Dante Millau Device Proxy (Internal only) Unicast
UDP 8002 Dante Lock Server Unicast
TCP 4778 Dante Studio Websocket Unicast
TCP 16001 Dante Studio Video Tx Unicast
TCP 16000 Dante Studio Video Rx Unicast

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