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What’s the maximum number of devices that an Ultimo-only network can support?

Testing under heavy load conditions has indicated that an Ultimo-based leader clock can support at least 40 follower clock devices before synchronization issues may begin to manifest. Thus, dedicated Ultimo-only networks of up to ~40 devices should operate well under most load conditions.A range of other network conditions may however affect the performance of the network, such as high multicast traffic, and the presence of non-Dante network traffic.QoS can be configured on your switches to prioritise PTP clock packets over audio packets. The use of QoS will increase the number of devices that can be supported on an Ultimo-only network (see this FAQ for more information about using QoS for Dante networks).Also, the inclusion in your network of a Brooklyn II, Broadway, Dante HC, Dante PCIe or Dante-MY16-AUD/2 device to act as leader clock will significantly increase the number of devices that can be supported in the network.

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