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What is Dante Studio?

Dante Studio turns your PC into a Dante-enabled device, allowing Dante video flows to be transmitted and received using the standard Ethernet port.Dante Studio 2.0 is released with Dante Video Tx, Dante Video Rx and Video Viewer software applications.Dante Studio 2.0 is a paid version with user based monthly subscription for licensing.

  • Dante Video Tx aka Screen Share: Used to capture up to 4Kp60 display on a Windows PC and transmit over a Dante network, which can be received with:
    • Dante AV Ultra RX
    • Dante Video RX
    • Dante Video Viewer
  • Dante Video Rx: Used to receive a video stream using applications like OBS, Teams, Zoom etc from any:
    • Dante AV Ultra Video TX*
    • Dante AV-H TX**
    • Dante Video TX

* For example, Bolin Dante AV Ultra cameras, or the Patton FPX6000T** For example, Dante AV-H cameras like HuddleCam, Value HD etcDante Video Viewer: Similar to Dante Video Rx, is a standalone application which can be used to receive and display a video stream from any Dante AV Ultra TX or Dante Video TX

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