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What is Dante Ready and Dante Activator?

What is a Dante Ready device?

A Dante Ready device allows you to purchase and add audio channels to a device after initial purchase using the Dante Activator feature in Dante Controller.

How it works

  • Connect your Dante Ready device
  • Download and run Dante Controller (version 4.5 or later)
  • Open the Dante Activator tool from Dante Controller
  • Your device will be discovered, and you will see your purchase options
  • Add options to your cart, check out, then your device will be activated
  • Enjoy your additional Dante channels!


I can’t see any of my Dante devices in Dante Activator. Why not?

Dante Activator works with a new kind of ‘Dante Ready’ devices and apps. There are only selected Dante Ready products available at launch but we expect to see this grow over time! Please check the Dante Products Catalogue to find Dante Ready products.

It looks like I need an account to make purchases in Dante Activator. How can I create one?

You can create a free Audinate account at Register. If you have registered before, such as to download or purchase Audinate software, please use the same email address and password.

How can I pay for my purchases?

We accept major credit cards, PayPal and other local payment options in some countries. Payment is via a secure third party system. In many countries you can pay in your own currency. Local taxes may apply.

My different devices have different upgrade options. Why is this?

Upgrade options are up to the manufacturer and depend on the capability of the device. Sometimes manufacturers may add new capability with a firmware upgrade. In this case, you might see additional channel upgrade options after installing the new firmware.

What if my device breaks? Can I get a refund or transfer my channels?

In general, no. Your channels are permanently associated with your device. If your device is replaced under warranty by the manufacturer, some may offer replacement channels on the new device. Please contact your manufacturer in this situation.

What happens if my device is wiped or reset? Can I recover my purchased channels?

Yes. We keep a record of the purchases for each device and you can recover them at any time in Dante Activator.

I have tax exempt status, how can I exclude tax from my purchase?

Our payments partner FastSpring allows you to enter a tax exemption code during check out, in jurisdictions where this is supported.

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