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What is Dante Discovery?

(Windows only)Dante Discovery is an Audinate service that Dante software uses on Windows platforms to discover Dante-enabled devices on the network. It is installed automatically with newer Dante software applications, and for those applications it takes over the role of the previously used discovery service, Apple Bonjour.The service needs to be running for Dante software to work. If the service stops, you can restart it via Task Manager > Services tab > Services button (bottom right).If the service stops regularly:

  1. Uninstall Dante Controller.
  2. Uninstall Dante Discovery.
  3. Re-install Dante Controller.

Note:  Other Dante software applications (such as DVS) rely on Dante Discovery, and will not function while the service is uninstalled.Note:  Do not uninstall Apple Bonjour – it is still required by older Audinate applications.Note:  On OS X, the Apple Bonjour service is installed as part of the OS X operating system.

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