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What Happens To Existing Subscriptions When I Rename A Transmit Channel In Dante Controller?

Subscriptions to transmit channels on Dante devices with older firmware (version 4.2 or earlier) with ‘default’ (factory settings) channel names (e.g. ‘01’) may be maintained if the relevant transmit channel is subsequently renamed. However, subscriptions to transmit channels using custom channel names (e.g. ‘mic-1’) will fail if the channel is subsequently renamed.In the case of transmit channels from Dante devices with newer firmware (version 4.3 or later), the subscription will always fail if the relevant transmit channel is renamed after making the subscription.Note: In a DDM managed network, renaming a TX channel will promptly cause any subscribed RX channels to stop receiving audio and the subscription will fail. In an unmanaged network, subscription failure may be delayed until one of the devices is power cycled or otherwise loses network connectivity.

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