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DVS: What do Packet Errors mean for DVS?

On Dante Controller, a red light in the Packet Errors column on the Network Status indicates that one or more media packets have been corrupted between the Dante-enabled device and the node on the other side of the Ethernet cable.You can find the error counters by double-clicking on the device name and selecting the Status tab in the Device View window, the error count indicates the number of transmit/received Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) or packet errors detected since the device was last started. The situation is slightly different with DVS (Dante Virtual Soundcard), the error counters of DVS are dependent on the operating system’s network interface error counter.Since DVS runs on a general-purpose computer without a dedicated network adapter for transporting Dante-only packages, the operating system’s error count value will summarize all network error traffic that has passed through the network adapter since the system or network adapter startup, with or without the running of DVS.Depending on the operating system you are using, errors may include one or multiple of the following: packet corruption, checksum error, link connection failures, buffer overflows, etc.An increase in the DVS error count is usually due to a faulty Ethernet cable or a problem with the network adapter.Note: The Clear Counters button on Dante Controller is not available for DVS.

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