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What clocking options are available with the MY16-AUD and Yamaha gear?

The Dante MY16-AUD supports clocking from the on-board VCXO or can use the clock from Yamaha equipment. The latter choice may be useful when connecting several non-Dante devices to the Yamaha equipment that require a single word clock.The Dante Controller provides two options that relate to clocking in the MY16-AUD. To see these, click the Clock Status tab in Dante Controller. This reveals a table of connected Dante devices with clock options.Preferred Leader – when selected, means that during a Clock election event, these devices will be given priority over other Dante devices on the network. In most cases you do not need to choose a Preferred Leader.Enabled Sync to External must be selected for any device that is being driven by another non-Dante clock; for example, if you choose to use the internal clock of a Yamaha device to sync a Dante MY16-AUD, this box should be checked for that device.Note:  If a MY16-AUD derives its word clock from the Yamaha device, it is automatically made a “Preferred Leader”Note:  Incorrect selection of “Sync to External Word Clock” can result in a loss of audio. Be sure to check this setting if you have such a problem. Changes made here may require up to 20 seconds to synchronize.

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