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What are the main differences in terms of features between Dante Director and Dante Domain Manager?

Dante Director is designed for service providers, IT and AV managers who seek remote management and improved security of Dante networks.

Dante Domain Manager is designed for the secure management of large, complex enterprise Dante installations and where on-premise infrastructure and technical teams are available to host and support the application.


Dante Director Dante Domain Manager
Number of devices Recommended for
20 – 100 devices
100 (Gold)
250 (Platinum)
Scalable to support
thousands of devices
Number of sites/domains As required 10 (Gold)
50 (Platinum)
Remote management Yes No
Offline device access No Yes
User access control Simplified
roles: admin,
site restricted
roles: site control,
domain control,
media control, read only.
Event log Yes Yes
API (GraphQL) Yes Yes
Clock settings Basic Advanced / Zones
Shared Audio No Yes
Cross-subnet/VLAN routing Yes Yes
AES67, SMPTE2110 No Yes
HA (High Availability) No Yes

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