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Unicast Boundary Clocks in Dante Domain Manager

When creating Domains or Shared Audio Groups that span multiple subnets a Dante device capable of becoming a unicast boundary clock is required in each subnet. 

The Auto-configure function assigns one device in each subnet to act as the active unicast boundary clock, and where possible a secondary unicast clock to act as backup, if the active unicast clock is disconnected. Manually configuring which devices act as unicast clocks can be done in Advanced Settings.

Devices are limited to handling unicast clocking from 40 devices (including self). Therefore Domains/Shared Audio Groups are limited to 20 subnets with unicast backup clocks or 40 subnets without backup unicast clocks. 

Dante Devices not capable of becoming a unicast boundary clock:

  • Devices associated with domains in legacy mode (devices with pre 4.0 Dante firmware versions)
  • Computers running DVS or Via
  • Applications running Dante Application Library (DAL) e.g. Zoom Rooms, Shure IntelliMix Rooms, etc.
  • Devices running Dante Embedded Platform (DEP) e.g. QSC Software-based Dante, etc.
  • Devices with legacy Ultimo chipsets
    • Chipset type can be determined in Dante Controller Device View / Status tab
    • Legacy Ultimo devices are listed as Ultimo or Ultimo4
    • Non-legacy UltimoX devices are listed as UltimoX or UltimoX4
      • UltimoX and AVIO adapter modules can act as unicast boundary clocks, though more powerful chipsets should be preferred.

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