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Local imported files bug with Dante Updater 2.6.x

An issue has been identified with Dante Updater 2.6.0 in the DC 4.13.0 package (available from June 4th), and DU 2.6.1 in the DC 4.13.1 package (available from June 12th).
This is for Windows only. MacOS is unaffected.

What is the problem:
After updating to Dante Updater 2.6.0 or 2.6.1, any previous settings and imported files will no longer be available
The updating of devices using files from the DU library is unaffected.

Customer profiles most impacted:
If customers are retaining locally imported files for use on future occasions they are more likely to be impacted by losing access to these. Such as manufacturers using DU on a production line.
Customers who have imported files to update devices soon afterwards are less likely to be inconvenienced by this bug
Note that the ‘dntLocalFiles‘ folder only exists if you have imported dnt files.

The settings and local imported files have been moved to a new location.

Reimport all local imported files (apologies).

Path to resolution:
We are working on a fix, which we will aim to release shortly.

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