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I’ve connected my Dante MY16-AUD to my computer and routed channels but still no audio. What’s wrong?

With the Dante-MY16-AUD, you have two choices of clock source; the Dante-MY16-AUD itself, or the internal clock of the Yamaha product in which it is installed (the ‘host device’). By default, the host device will use its internal clock.Either choice will work perfectly well, but you must tell Dante Controller what selection you have made on the host device.

  • If you wqant to use the internal clock in the host device, then in Dante Controller, under Clock Status, you must check the box labelled “Enable Sync to External” for the Dante-MY16-AUD card.
  • If you are using the clock in the Dante MY16-AUD, in Dante Controller, under Clock Status, you must NOT check the box labelled “Enable Sync to External”.

If these settings are incorrect, then the symptom is a system that appears to be working, but produces no audio.More info

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