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Interpreting DNS Diagnostics Results With The Network Diagnostic Tool

From v1.1.1.16, DDM offers a Network Diagnostic tool as part of the DDM Configuration Menu to help identify networking issues. With regards to DNS discovery configuration, multiple results can be seen when running the tool. Below lists possible outputs and suggestions for troubleshooting. 

Note. It should be noted that the Network Diagnostic tool will provide information from the perspective of the DDM machine. It does not guarantee that devices and controllers have the same access to network resources. In some complex network configurations with more advanced DNS configurations the diagnostics may indicate failure with a valid DNS configuration. Conversely, it may indicate success when in fact the devices and controllers are failing to access the same information. Please consult IT professionals to advise in these instances.

DNS Fail – DDM is unable to ping the DNS server

Check that:

  • A DNS server is configured.
  • The DNS servers IP address has been set within the DDM’s static IP configuration settings or being provided by the DHCP server (if being used).


Record Fail – DDM can ping the DNS server but there are no records, or the records are not configured correctly

Check that:

  • The search path set in the DDM’s static network configuration is correct or that the search domain is correctly configured in the DHCP server (if being used)
    • Important: Devices and controllers will only use the first search domain in a search domain list. If your DHCP server provides a list of search domains, make sure that the one devices and controllers need is 1st in the list.
  • Records have been created within the DNS server. Both an SRV and a TXT record are required for both devices and controllers.
  • The records are written correctly. This includes both syntax and punctuation; Missing characters or punctuation will cause a failure.  An example record can be found at the bottom of this FAQ.

Partial Record Fail – DDM can connect to the DNS server and records exist in the DNS server but the records cannot resolve against the DDM
Check that:

  • The records in the DNS server are pointing to the DDM instance.
  • An A record has been created within the DNS server that points to the DDM.

Successful – DDM can ping the DNS server and records can resolve against the DDM server.

Example Records

default._dante-ddm-c._tcp.ddmtech.uk.               3600      IN          SRV       0              0            8443                    ddm.ddmtech.uk.default._dante-ddm-d._udp.ddmtech.uk.            3600      IN          SRV       0              0            8000                    ddm.ddmtech.uk.default._dante-ddm-c._tcp.ddmtech.uk.               3600      IN          TXT        “”default._dante-ddm-d._udp.ddmtech.uk.            3600      IN          TXT        “”

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