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I uninstalled and reinstalled Dante Via during a trial, and now Dante Via is telling me that I can’t start another trial on this computer.

You will need to manually restart the trial:1. In Dante Via, open the Activation panel.2. Click ‘Activate’, and then ‘Enter a License ID’.3. If the License ID field is pre-populated with your existing license ID, just click ‘Activate’ again.If the License ID field is not pre-populated:1. Make sure you are logged in to this website.2. Go to ‘My Account’ (the link is at the top right), and then ‘My Products’.3. Copy your Dante Via trial license ID from the ‘My Dante Via Licenses’ section.4. Go back to the Dante Via application, and paste the license ID into the License ID field in the Activation panel, and click ‘Activate’.

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