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I need to register my Dante-MY16-AUD card.

As of July 2013, the Dante-MY16-AUD product box includes updated documentation. The Dante-MY16-AUD card itself is unchanged. As part of this update, we have changed the way you redeem the Dante Virtual Soundcard License bundled with your Dante-MY16-AUD purchase.If your product box contains a ‘Download Your Software’ card (like the one shown below) with a DVS token label on it, you can redeem the DVS token for a Dante Virtual Soundcard license ID here: Redeem DVS TokenAs of this date, we no longer record or track the serial numbers of the Dante-MY16-AUD cards.  If the card above was missing from your product box, or if you have misplaced the card, we do not track which DVS Tokens were included in each Dante-MY16-AUD product box.  Yamaha provides exclusive distribution and support for the Dante-MY16-AUD card. Support information can be accessed by contacting your authorized Yamaha Pro Audio Dealer.If your product box contains a DVD like the one shown below (and no ‘Download Your Software’ card), you will need to contact support (see below).To proceed, you will need to know your Dante-MY16-AUD card serial number.  You can find your Dante-MY16-AUD serial number:

  • On a label on your Dante-MY16-AUD card
  • On a label on your Dante-MY16-AUD original packaging

You can submit your serial number using the form at the bottom of the Dante Software Support page (be sure to select ‘Licensing & Registration’ as the Case Reason).

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