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I am recording distorted audio or digital artifacts on my Dante Virtual Soundcard.

  • This is likely to be caused by the input not being synchronous to Dante.  Either:
  1. Set the input source to clock to Dante (in most consoles this is a card slot option).
  2. Set Dante to sync to external word clock on this device (external being external to the Dante Network – it is not normally a visible cable).
  • EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet) is a technology that reduces switch power consumption during periods of low network traffic. It is also sometimes known as Green Ethernet and IEEE802.3az.Although power management should be negotiated automatically in switches that support EEE, it is a relatively new technology, and some switches do not perform the negotiation properly. This may cause EEE to be enabled in Dante networks when it is not appropriate, resulting in poor synchronisation performance and occasional dropouts.
  1. If you use managed switches, ensure that they allow EEE to be disabled. Make sure that EEE is disabled on all ports used for real-time Dante traffic.
  2. If you use unmanaged switches, do not use Ethernet switches that support the EEE function, because you cannot disable EEE operation in these switches.
  • Most of the time, you do not need to be involved in the Leader Clock selection process. Dante guarantees that the Leader Clock device will be by default the strongest candidate.
  • A Dante device with “Enable Sync to External” set will use the external word clock from its host equipment to tune its onboard VCXO. A Dante device with this attribute set will become the PTP Leader Clock, unless there is another Dante device present with “Preferred Leader” set.
  • Sometimes it may be necessary to force a particular device to provide the PTP Leader Clock. A Dante device with “Leader Clock” set will always be chosen as the PTP Leader Clock. If more than one device has “Leader Clock” set, the device with the lowest MAC address will be chosen.


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