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How do you set a Proxy to activate Dante Virtual Soundcard?

In cases where the DVS is installed on a system behind the proxy, we can configure dvs_licenser.exe to connect to the licensing server over the proxy to activate and reactivate.

Steps to set/remove proxy env vars for dvs licenser:

We will set it for env variables : https_proxy, HTTPS_PROXY, http_proxy, and HTTP_PROXY to cover the case-sensitivity of env vars for the curl library.

Example command to set env vars for dvs_licenser.exe:

Set HTTPS_PROXY=http://user:password@proxy:port/

After proxy has been setup, if we run dvs_licenser.exe to activate/reactivate the requests to licensing server will be re-directed to the proxy as setup above;


To remove the proxy settings:

set “HTTPS_PROXY=” https_proxy=${HTTPS_PROXY} http_proxy=${HTTPS_PROXY} HTTP_PROXY=${HTTPS_PROXY} dvs_licenser.exe

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