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How do I configure my Yamaha devices to use the MY16-AUD?

Configuration of the MY16-AUD is much like that of other MY16 cards in Yamaha equipment. You must:

  1. Install the card in an available slot (see instructions included with the MY16-AUD).
  2. Configure the Word Clock options on the Yamaha equipment.
  3. Configure the input and output Patches on the Yamaha equipment to use the Dante MY16-AUD.

Configuring the Word Clock

In a Dante network, the Leader Clock device will provide an accurate word clock to the rest of the network. Leader Clocks are elected automatically or may be designated by the user in Dante Controller.

Clock Choices

With the MY16-AUD, you have two choices of clock source; the MY16-AUD itself or the internal clock of the Yamaha product in which it is installed.If the MY16-AUD clock is used, then any clock failure on the Dante network will be automatically corrected. If the Leader loses connection or fails, another device will automatically be elected instantly with no loss of audio. For purely Dante-based environments, this is a preferred method.If you are using multiple (non-Dante) devices that require a common clock, then you may wish to use the internal clock of the Yamaha product (which may itself be receiving clock from an external source). While Yamaha products offer many clock frequencies, the Dante MY16-AUD requires either 48kHz or 96kHz. Note that a failure of this internal clock will require a re-syncing operation that may take up to 20 seconds.To choose either of these options, you must enter the Word Clock Setup page of your Yamaha product and choose either to sync from the MY16 slot or from the internal clock. Once this has been selected, you must make certain that corresponding clock settings on the MY16-AUD are configured using the Dante Controller software (see below for details).

Configuring Patches

For recording, switch the Direct Output function ON for each channel to be recorded, and select the Direct Out point. Pre HPF or Pre ATT is the most likely choice, though Post Fader is also possible with PM5D and M7CL-V2 and V3.Patch the Direct Out for each channel to the required Slot Output. It will be most convenient to use Slot 1 for channels 1-16, Slot 2 for channels 17-32 and so on.To save setup time, an example file for PM5D and M7CL containing all the Direct Out and Patch settings can be downloaded from:http://www.yamahaproaudio.com/training/self_training/index.html

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