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High Availability Mode Licensing

Only one DDM License (Platinum) and product key are required to license (activate) the High Availability (HA) Cluster.

When configuring and activating the severs, you will need to enter the product key on the Standalone node and the HA Only node. Internet access is required to activate these servers. The Arbiter server does not need to be licensed.
Prior to installation and activating, it must be decided which server will be the Standalone node (typically the preferred active server). The other becomes the HA Only Node and inherits its license state dynamically from the Standalone node.
Important: If you experienced a failover to the HA Only node, it is important to make sure the Standalone node becomes the active server again when it is restored. If the HA Only node remains the active server for more than 30 continuous days, the license on the HA Only node will become deactivated. To avoid license deactivation when the Standalone node is restored, change it to the active Server. If the Standalone node is unrecoverable, you can make the HA Only node a Standalone node.

Changing the Active Server

To change the active server to auxiliary and the auxiliary server to active, in the High Availability settings for the cluster or active server, click Change Active.

Making the HA Only Node a Standalone Node / Active Server

If the original Standalone node goes offline and is unrecoverable and the HA Only node is now the active server, you can upgrade the HA Only node to a Standalone node.

To make an HA Only node Standalone, in the DDM UI navigate to Settings > High Availability and click Make Standalone.

The license for the new Standalone mode must then be deactivated and reactivated as a standalone license (requires Internet access). It is likely you will need to contact Audinate Support to reset the license, so you can activate the HA Only node as Standalone. Therefore, it is advisable to wait until you’ve been in contact with Audinate support to reset your license before transitioning to a Standalone Node (you can keep the HA Only node as the Active server in HA Mode for 30 days before the license becomes deactivated.)For more information about configuring High Availability Mode refer to High Availability Settings in the Dante Domain Manager User Guide.

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