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Important Security Update and Deprecation Notice

Audinate is committed to providing you with the most secure and efficient tools to support your audio networking needs. We continually evaluate and update our software and systems as part of this commitment.

In order to improve security for our customers, old versions of the Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) and Dante Via will be deprecated in mid-May 2024, as we continue to enhance security across our services. The license servers for old versions of these products use the HTTP protocol, which does not meet our heightened security standards. To ensure a more secure communication, all newer versions of these products connect to new servers using HTTPS protocol.

Versions Affected

Versions that are earlier than the following DO NOT use the secure license server:

Dante Virtual Soundcard:

DVS (Win)


Dante Via:

Via (Win)

Via (OSX)


What This Means for You

If you are currently using Dante Virtual Soundcard versions earlier than the versions defined above, we strongly recommend upgrading to the latest versions to continue enjoying uninterrupted service and support. The latest versions incorporate significant security improvements, including the transition to HTTPS, to safeguard your data and communication. If you are already using the latest version, then please pardon the interruption and disregard this notice.

Important note: If you are not able to update the software before the old license servers are decommissioned, you will need to download the current version of the installer to update the software on your machine at a later date.


How to Upgrade

Upgrading is simple and free for existing users. Please visit this link to login and download the latest version of your  Dante software


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