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Dante Virtual Soundcard – Transferable License

What Is a Transferable DVS License?

From DVS 4.3 it is now possible to purchase or upgrade to a Transferable DVS license. With this license you can deactivate a license from one machine in order to move it to another.Customers can now purchase either the Transferable License ($US79.99) or the Single Machine License ($US49.99); and also upgrade a Single Machine License to a Transferable License through an online transaction for $US29.99.A bundle of DVS Transferable License and Dante Via is also available for US$99.99

Who is it for?

This is for customers who have purchased a new machine and wish to continue to use their existing DVS license. Customers who have the need to change the machine that DVS is used on will benefit from purchasing a Transferable DVS license instead of a Single Machine license.It is also useful for customers who have multiple machines they swap between periodically and customers who create temporary deployments then wipe their machines after an event, for example.

How does the Transferable license work?

DVS Transferable License is purchased and activated in the same way as a Single Machine License.DVS Transferable License can be moved between machines indefinitely, although each license is designed to work on a single machine at once (it must be deactivated before being used to activate a different machine).Unlike the Single Machine License, which can operate offline indefinitely after it is activated, DVS Transferable must ‘phone home’ via the Internet at least every 30 days to keep working.When used with a Transferable License, DVS 4.3+ will show additional information and controls in the ‘Licensing’ tab including:

  • ‘De-activate’ button which releases the license activation so it can be used on a different machine
  • Number of days until it needs to ‘Phone home’ with an active internet connection in order to keep operating
  • ‘Refresh Now’ button which phones home straight away and resets the counter to a full 30 days, to prepare for a period of offline operation

When used with a Single Machine License, DVS 4.3+ will show an ‘Upgrade’ button which will direct customers to a check-out page where the upgrade for that license can be purchased.

What happens if DVS is deactivated; or is not able to phone home in time?

DVS will effectively ‘stop’; that is, it will not show up in Dante Controller or as a sound card.If DVS has stopped because it was unable to phone home in time, allowing the machine to connect to the Internet and clicking ‘Refresh’ in the Licensing Tab’ will allow it to start again (assuming the license is still valid / not activated on another machine).

What if I need to run DVS on an offline machine for extended periods of time?

In this case we recommend the Single Machine License.

Can the Transferable License be used with earlier versions of DVS?

No, this is not recommended.If activated with a Transferable License, DVS versions prior to 4.3 will generally start and run; however it:

  • Will not show correct details in the Licensing tab
  • Will still need to phone home, but will not show any timing information or warnings
  • Will not offer the ability to ‘refresh’ the activation manually (thereby allowing a full 30 days operation offline)
  • Will not show the option to de-activate the machine in order to transfer the license (although this can be still done in my.audinate)

Customers are encouraged to upgrade to DVS 4.3+ before purchasing or upgrading to DVS Transferable License.

Can the Transferable License be downgraded to a Single Machine License?

No. Once the license has been upgraded, it is not possible to go back to a Single Machine option.

How do I recover a Transferable License that’s on a lost or stolen computer?

If a computer is lost, stolen or erased, you can recover a Transferable License so you can use it on another machine. Please find your License in your account on Audinate.com and click “Recover”, then follow the prompts.

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