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DVS: Dante Virtual Soundcard licensing message: “The license has been activated too many times”

A Dante Virtual Soundcard License can only be activated a limited number of times, and this activation limit has been exceeded.Please be aware that the license for this software is for use on a single machine only (like a physical sound card license). The license agreement you acknowledged when you activated Dante Virtual Soundcard does not allow you to use the same license ID on multiple machines. In order to use Dante Virtual Soundcard on a second machine, you will need to purchase an additional license.Reinstalling Dante Virtual Soundcard on a machine that it was previously installed on should not require an additional activation, and should be possible without limit.If you believe this message is in error, please fill out this form, with the following:

  • Affected Product: Dante Virtual Soundcard
  • License ID: enter the license ID you are trying to use
  • Case Reason: Licensing & Registration
  • Subject: Can’t reinstall Dante Virtual Soundcard
  • Description: Describe your situation

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