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Dante Via: When I send a source with many audio channels to a destination, which channels get connected together?

By default, Dante Via connects channels sequentially – that is, channel 1 or the source will go to channel 1 of the destination, channel 2 will go to channel 2, 3 to 3 etc. until the channel limit is reached.For hardware devices, the channel limit is typically the number of channels on the device with the least number of channels. For software, only 2 channels can be connected (inbound or outbound).For sources and destinations with just stereo capability, the left channel is channel 1, and the right channel is channel 2.So, for example, sending a stereo microphone to a DAW will connect the microphone’s left channel to channel 1 of the DAW, and the microphone’s right channel to channel 2 of the DAW.You can use our Dante Controller application (it’s free!) to more precisely control how individual channels are routed.Dante Via supports one-to-many connections – i.e. you can send any individual channel from a source to multiple channels on a destination.

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