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Dante Via: What is a ‘source’?

In Dante Via, a source is any hardware device or software application that can add audio to the computer / network system.Sources can be physically in the computer, connected to the computer, or connected to the Dante network.Hardware sources include:

  • Internal (built-in) soundcards
  • External (e.g. USB or Firewire) soundcards
  • Internal and external microphones
  • USB headsets
  • Video cameras with built-in microphones
  • Dante audio devices (such as mixing consoles)
  • Hardware synthesizers, and other electronic instruments
  • Any Dante Via-installed computers on the Dante network
  • ‘System audio’ (the internal audio mix that the computer would usually play to the speakers)

Software sources include:

  • iTunes®, Spotify®
  • Skype®
  • Digital Audio Workstations (Cubase®, Pro Tools®, GarageBand® etc.)
  • Web browsers
  • Any other software applications that produce audio (such as games, Microsoft PowerPoint®, email clients etc.)
  • Software synthesizers

Devices and applications that can add audio to the system and receive audio from the system are both sources and destinations, so they appear in both lists.Sources can also be a mix of two or more individual sources.

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