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Dante Via: How do I stop someone from listening to my audio?

‘Listeners’ are other network users who have routed one of your shared sources to one of their local destinations (and you have granted them permission).There are 3 ways to remove a listener from one of your sources:

  1. Disable the ‘Enable Dante’ control for the source – this takes it off the Dante network.
  2. Use Dante Controller to unsubscribe the receiver from your source.
  3. Click ‘Clear Permissions’ in the Privacy Preferences (this revokes all previously-granted permissions, for all users, and for all of your sources).

Using the first two methods, the listener will be able to reconnect to the source (assuming it is back on the network) without your permission, unless you revoke their permission using the ‘Clear Permissions’ button in the privacy preferences.

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