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Dante Domain Manager CentOS7 hardware support

Dante Domain Manager is distributed as a software ‘appliance’ and is based on CentOS7 Linux distribution.We are aware that CentOS7 is approaching End of Life (30 June 2024) and we are working on finding a replacement.Some users have reported compatibility issues with newer server hardware (including Network Interface Cards) due to the lack of driver support in CentOS7, when running Dante Domain Manager as a bare metal install.We strongly recommend installing DDM on top of a Type 1 virtualization platform such as VMWare ESXi® or Hyper-V to avoid this issue.For Dante Domain Manager customers intending to use a bare metal install, please check for compatibility before specifying server hardware. Information can be found on the CentOS forums: https://forums.centos.org/viewforum.php?f=49

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