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Dante Controller: Dante Controller is not displaying details under Clock Status or Device Info. What’s wrong?

This symptom indicates that the Dante services cannot communicate with the Dante-enabled devices on the network. This may be caused by port blockage due to protection software, a network configuration issue, or by the failure of a background service.

Windows PCs

  • Make sure that no third-party firewalls or Internet protection products are active on the computer. Dante software will automatically adjust the built-in Windows firewall. Should the firewall need manual configuration, refer to this FAQ Firewall Configuration Example
  • If you have multiple network interfaces (NICs) on the computer, disable any that are not being used by Dante.
  • Check the Services application (Start Menu > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services) to see that the Dante Control and Monitoring service (ConMon) is running. Restart this service if necessary.


  • If the machine has multiple network interfaces, disable any that aren’t required. You can also try setting the interface that Dante is using to the highest priority in the order. See macOS: Set Service Order



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