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Dante Clocking on a Cisco SDA Network

There are some considerations to be taken in account when running Dante over a Cisco SDA Network.

Depending on the fabric mode used on the VLAN where Dante devices will be connected, the following scenarios can apply:

  • Layer 2 Flooding enabled
    • Multicast traffic will just flow trough: Discovery (mDNS) and Clocking (PTP)
    • There’s a Cisco bug (Bug Search Tool) where any PTP address other that will be blocked
      • That’s not a problem with unmanaged Dante (PTPv1 or PTPv2)
      • Under DDM:
        • It will be a problem for PTPv1 as the default IP address will change (PTP IP addresses used by Dante | Dante). This can be workaround to force the PTPv1 address back to .129 by enabling PTPv2 mode and setting PTPv2 Domain 0.
        • PTPv2 will be OK
  • Layer 3 Overlay:
    • Dante PTPv1 has TTL=1 which will not pass across the different switches.
    • This can be workarounded by:
      • Enabling Unicast clocking in at least one device per switch – requires DDM
      • By enabling PTPv2 on the network and Dante devices and having at least 1 Dante device with PTPv2 support on the switches with Dante Devices that only support PTPv1. More here: Dante Devices PTP Clocking Support | Dante
    • Audio Multicast (Dante or RTP [AES67/ST2110]) uses TTL=32

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