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DDM: Cannot see enrolled devices in Dante Controller

You need to make sure that you are logged into the Dante Domain Manager (DDM) Server. To log in:

  1. In Dante Controller, click the Domain Configuration button.
  2. In the DDM User Login box, click DDM Server Connection.
  3. If you have a DNS-enabled network, choose ‘Auto Discovery’ and click OK. Otherwise, choose ‘Manual’ and enter the DDM server host name (e.g. ddm.local) or enter the DDM IP address, and the port number. This will be 8443, unless your network administrator has configured the network to use a different port. Then click ‘Use This Server’.
  4. In the DDM User Login tab, enter your DDM username and password and click ‘Connect’.
  5. Once connected, the DDM User Login tab will close automatically and you will be able to choose the domain you wish to view from the Domain drop-down menu at the top-right of the screen.

Possible errors during DDM connection:

‘Connection Refused: Incorrect Domain address or it may not be running’
If the Dante Domain Manager is running, ensure that the name and IP address of the DDM server are correct in the DDM Server Connection tab, and the Server port number is set to 8443.

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