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Can I run Dante Virtual Soundcard in a Virtual Machine (such as VMware)?

It depends.There are two types of virtual machines. A Type 1 virtual machine runs directly on hardware, using hypervisor software to manage multiple simultaneous instances. These are commonly employed when building out server clusters. A Type 2 virtual machine is one that runs within an instance of a host operating system, such as a Windows virtual machine that runs alongside regular applications on a Mac computer using products such as Parallels® Desktop or VMWare® Fusion.Dante Virtual Soundcard for Windows supports installation in Type 1 virtual machines only when activated using a special license key. Dante Virtual Soundcard does not work on Type 2 virtual machines due to performance constraints.Note: Standard Dante Virtual Soundcard licenses purchased online via this website do not allow DVS activation on virtual machines – a special DVS license is required. For more information about running DVS on virtual machines, please contact sales. Dante Via is not supported on any virtual machine type.

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