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AVIO USB adapter: Intel SST OED driver (Windows) causes audio glitches on the AVIO USB adapter.

It has come to our attention that some AVIO USB adapter customers are experiencing issues with the audio of the product following the update for Intel SST (Smart Sound Technology) OED driver on their Windows computers.This issue only affects AVIO customers who:

  • Are using AVIO USB-A or USB-C adapters.
  • and have Intel SST OED driver (Windows) updated recently.

We don’t have a list of which driver versions will affect the AVIO currently, but the latest version and are believed to cause the problem.The suggested temporary workaround is to disable the Intel SST OED driver:Run the Device Manager, find Intel (R) SST OED driver under System devices, right-click on it, then select disable device, click YES, and reboot the computer.Please note that disabling Intel SST OED may disable other audio devices that you may need.We are investigating this issue and will provide more information as it becomes available.

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