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Are My Subscriptions Cleared When I Enroll Devices Into a Domain?

By default subscriptions are not cleared when enrolling devices in domains. When you enroll or unenroll a device, you can choose to clear the configuration on the device in the Confirm Device Enrollment/Unenrollment popup:

Choosing clear the configuration will reset the following configuration settings to the device defaults:

  • Device Name
  • Channel labels
  • Latency
  • Sample Rate
  • Encoding
  • Subscriptions

Note: Clocking information is cleared when enrolling devices into a domain, so you will need to reselect a preferred leader (master) for the domain if required.
If devices subscribed to one another are enrolled in different domains those subscriptions will remain unresolved. If you plan to share audio between domains, to preserve previously created subscriptions leave the Shared Name field the same as the real device name.

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