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AES67 Interoperability

Dante supports multicast audio interoperability between Dante devices and non-Dante AES67 RTP audio devices. Not all Dante devices support AES67– check with your device manufacturer.

AES67 is supported in DDM and non-DDM networks. When enrolled in a domain, AES67 is supported in Dante devices with Dante firmware v4.2.x and above for Brooklyn, Broadway and HC chipsets. Dante devices not meeting those specifications (e.g. UltimoX chipset) can be enrolled in a domain in AES67 mode but will not be able to send or receive AES67 RTP flows.  

Audio transport between Dante-enabled devices is always via Dante Audio Transport Protocol even if the devices have AES67 enabled.

Non-Dante AES67 devices are not enrolled in domains. 

Only one domain in AES67 mode can be created in DDM as AES67 uses a fixed PTP v2 domain number (0).

More information about configuring AES67 Interoperability is available in the Dante Domain Manager User Guide.

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