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Activating Third Party Apps

Activating Third Party Apps

Third party applications that use Dante Ready™ allow customers to purchase and activate Dante audio channels after installation using the Dante Activator tool in Dante Controller 4.5 or higher. Dante Activator is tied to an active Audinate user account and accepts standard credit card payments.

Activation instructions:

  1. Download and install the third-party application
  2. Download and install Dante Controller v4.5 or higher from https://www.getdante.com/products/software-essentials/dante-controller/
  3. Launch the application and leave it running
  4. Launch Dante Controller
  5. From the Dante Controller toolbar, launch the Dante Ready Activator tool
  6. The Dante Ready Activator tool will display purchase options for the third-party application
  7. Choose your desired purchase options
  8. Enter Audinate login information in dialog box that appears if not already authenticated.
  9. Enter payment information and complete transaction
  10. Your third-party application is now ready to use with your purchased Dante channels

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