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Advanced Systems Group Supports the Integration of Dante Connect in Professional Sports Broadcast Workflows

Ensuring rock-solid performance for all aspects of a professional sports broadcast is critical. Every audio and video signal flow must be tested, validated, and deployed to ensure that there aren’t any unexpected outages during game-day productions. Dante Connect is a suite of software applications to facilitate native Dante audio production in the cloud, and Advanced Systems Group (ASG) is well-equipped to integrate this technology into any custom, complex workflow.

When a top-tier professional broadcast company approached Advanced Systems Group’s Virtual Production in the Cloud experts for help building a remote audio contribution workflow, ASG rose to meet the challenge. The broadcaster’s main goals were to better utilize their top-tier talent and save on travel costs by implementing remote audio production to extend their local Dante network.

ASG selected Audinate’s Dante Connect as the audio transport technology to support the broadcaster’s REMI workflow aspirations. ASG configured and deployed the components of Dante Connect to support reliable transport between locations. This included Dante Domain Manager for orchestration, security, and permissions of all Dante devices, Dante Gateway to seamlessly support clocking across low-latency local networks with higher latency connections, and Dante Virtual Soundcard to transfer lossless synchronized audio between locations across the United States.

ASG specified supporting hardware requirements and configured all software for deployment into the custom broadcast workflow. For each event, the broadcaster sent out a pre-configured fly-pack of technology, which the on-location Engineer-in-Charge (EIC) connected to the private high-speed network. A1s and Mix Engineers connected to the Dante network remotely from Los Angeles, where they mixed event audio for the final broadcast.

As the integrator of this project, ASG provided valuable expertise to offload complex parts of the project, allowing the customer to focus efforts on project completion rather than technical hurdles. ASG developed detailed hardware specifications and built specialized hypervisors, network configuration, and optimization to support reliable audio transport for professional REMI broadcast needs.

“We’ve seen an increased desire by broadcasters to take advantage of the flexibility and reliability offered by public and private cloud infrastructures and associated software, including Dante Connect,” said Claudia Souza, Chief Cloud Officer for ASG. “We have placed an expanding emphasis on supporting the effective installation, configuration, and use of these technologies to help our customers meet and exceed their goals. We are ready to face our clients’ challenges and ambitious goals in the coming months.”

Dante Connect is available to enable increased flexibility of audio production across any cloud-based broadcast implementation. By enabling A1’s and Mix Engineers to have more direct control over uncompressed audio signal flows without unnecessary multiplexing with video feeds, teams gain additional flexibility in production workflows and talent utilization.

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