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Dante Domain Manager for Higher Education

Dante Domain Manager

Higher Education

The ideal AV-over-IP solution for colleges and universities



Track all the rooms on one screen

Isolate rooms and halls into easily managed Domains with complete reporting on devices and users. A web-based dashboard, email alerts and SNMP integration provides immediate feedback for any issues – disconnected devices, clocking problems – and lets you know exactly where and what to do.

Hand over the controls

Bring your AV into the real world of network security with robust user authentication and permissions, ensuring that only qualified staff and permitted students are allowed to make changes that cannot affect the system as a whole.

AV-over-IP for your entire network

Existing Dante devices can seamlessly share media and clocking across routed networks, with no special switches required. Plan your AV-over-IP to be as big as you need it, across the networks you already have, without the need for complex VLAN schemes.

Manager of Recording Labs and Live Sound

Scott Burgess

“Dante Domain Manager means that if we move to a different location, which happens often, we don’t have to bother campus IT to reconfigure the network. We just get into Domain Manager and find the device… which is the glory of Dante.”

Senior Systems Designer/Programmer

Jim Wellings

“We don’t want to have to go to a building with a laptop to make changes or to check things. Running Dante Domain Manager allows us to manage all those different subnets wherever they may be.”

Dante Domain Manager in action

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With continued interest in offering hybrid classes, Higher Education AV systems are bound to keep expanding.

Dante Domain Manager brings the classroom experience to students all over Utah with fully managed AV-over-IP.

Students graduating from the school will shape audio production for films, gaming, music, podcasting and more in the years to come.

Unlock your network's full potential

Experience the security, organization, and control of Dante Domain Manager with a free 60-day trial

Free 60-day Trial
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