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Dante Domain Manager for Corporate

Dante Domain Manager


With Dante Domain Manager, your company’s AV needs become a manageable service for your entire network, not isolated systems spread over your building or campus.



See everything in one place

Tired of walking from conference room to conference room to make things work? Dante Domain Manager lets you see your entire AV network at a glance. Rooms are Dante Domains with complete reporting on devices and users. A web-based dashboard, email alerts and SNMP integration means you know what’s up all the time.

Secure delegation of jobs

Legacy AV technologies are simply “wide open” for tinkering. Dante Domain Manager gives you robust user authentication and permissions, so only qualified staff can make changes. Every change is time-stamped and logged, so you’ll know exactly who did what, and when.

AV-over-IP for routed networks

Earlier AV-over-IP was restricted to a single LAN, but not anymore. With Dante Domain Manager, your existing Dante devices can now seamlessly share media and clocking across routed networks, with no special switches required. Now you can plan AV-over-IP for real networks you already have.

Technical Audiovisual Support

Emmanuel Renoul, OECD

“We need to know where our signals are going and control who has access to them. Dante Domain Manager provides us with just that. We knew this when we discovered that Dante Domain Manager allowed our audio to cross subnets. With Dante Domain Manager we keep all of our audio networks setup nice and tidy and it can be managed with just one click.”

Poor audio quality is bad for business and isolated islands of AV technology make systems difficult to maintain. Solve these issues and take conferencing to the next level with Dante and Dante Domain Manager.

Financial institutions find security and scalability with Audinate’s Dante Domain Manager.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development finds the right amount of flexibility and control with Dante.

Unlock your network's full potential

Experience the security, organization, and control of Dante Domain Manager with a free 60-day trial

Free 60-day Trial
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