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What is Dante Ready?

Dante Ready is a licensing program that allows manufacturers to ship product with Dante installed but not activated or release a firmware or software update to add Dante functionality to products already shipping and installed on site. This allows you to incrementally invest in your system as it grows and evolves with more Dante channels and features.

Dante Activator

Dante Ready audio or video channels are purchased and activated using Dante Activator, bundled within the Dante Controller application (version 4.5 onwards). Transactions are simple and secure, and device upgrades are seamless.

Dante Activator does not require the copying of license files between devices, nor does it require typing in long product keys. Dante Ready licenses use unique device fingerprints that recognize the underlying hardware and are perpetual to the device.

Plug & Play

The Dante Activator utility automatically discovers local devices capable of upgrades and compares them against Audinate’s catalogue of product configurations. The available activation and upgrade options are presented to you to complete the activation process.

Activation of a Dante Ready device can be done on site, or the persistent nature of the device licenses allows devices to be licensed off-site prior to final installation.

How it works

  • Connect your Dante Ready device.
  • Open the Dante Activator tool from Dante Controller
  • Add options to your cart, check out, then your device will be activated.
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