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Yamaha – RIVAGE PM5 System

The RIVAGE PM series includes five consoles, two DSP engines, two I/O rack units, and two network protocols. Any of these components can be combined to create systems that match a wide range of application scale and budget requirements.

All RIVAGE PM system components are compatible, and components from earlier systems will work in combination with later systems. That goes for I/O racks as well as DSP engines, so in addition to operating them separately you can combine DSP engines in mirrored configurations for large applications, for example.

RIVAGE PM5 Mixing System packs undiluted RIVAGE PM power and performance into a lightweight, intuitive console that is surprisingly slim. The addition of a third display screen has made it possible to offer a more touch-centric interface in a compact, significantly lighter console that is easier to transport, setup, and operate in a wide range of venues.

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