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Yamaha – Rivage PM10 System

The Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 system provides flexible configuration encompassing the DSP-R10 DSP engine, CS-R10 control surface, the RPio622 I/O rack, two types of HY cards, and three types of RY cards. Its design allows numerous configurations to ideally match the scale and functional requirements of any application.

Connection to a computer for multitrack recording as well as to CL or QL series consoles and other external equipment is supported in the RIVAGE PM10 system via a Dante network. Dante, designed for simple setup with an extremely wide range of professional audio devices, works ideally with TWINLANe to create an exceptionally flexible, reliable system overall.

The optional HY144-D card provides the interface to Dante networks. High-resolution recording of up to 128 channels (input and output) at 96 kHz is possible if the computer is equipped with a Dante Accelerator PCIe audio interface card. With Dante Virtual Soundcard the maximum in/out track count is 64.

Multitrack recordings of rehearsals made in this way can be used for “virtual sound checks” when the performers aren’t available. Input patching for all required channels can be switched in one operation for both recording and virtual sound checks. Recorder playback and stage input can even be smoothly combined when needed.

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