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Wohler – iAM-AUDIO-1 PLUS

An Audio Monitor that provides Value for Money!

The new iAM-AUDIO-1 PLUS is a well featured, easy to use, competitively priced 16 channel IP ready audio monitor which comes standard with 3G-SDI and Analog inputs, loudness monitoring and phase status. Developed as a direct result of customer feedback, it shares many of the same features as our iVAM1-3, but without video monitoring. License other signal formats and processing options, including Dolby, AoIP, Toslink and 8 channel Analog, as and when needed, either initially or after purchase.

Flexible. Adaptable. Future Proof.

iAM-AUDIO-1 PLUS is designed to be easy to operate, providing fast access to meters, menus and presets. Options for additional signals, including AES3, MADI64, DanteTM, RavennaTM, SMPTE-2110 and SMPTE-2022-7.

All iAM Series monitors contain an onboard web server. Multiple units on the same network can be updated, monitored and controlled via a browser-based user interface that supports fast configuration with role-based authentication that protects critical configurations from unauthorized alteration.

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