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Williams Sound – PLA DL210 SYS 1 D

The Digi·Loop induction loop system is the first of its kind to maximize modern amplifier technology.  DSP audio processing offers flexible, powerful software control of mixing, equalization, compression, loop phase shift and more.  Powerful Class D, pulse-width amplifiers maximize efficiency, and reduce size and weight.  And network control capability provides seamless, remote system set-up, operation and monitoring via laptop, tablet or other portable device.  The Digi-Loop’s dual-amplifier design offers flexibility, with the option of single 12A output for perimeter loops or dual 10A outputs for loop arrays or one loop and one loudspeaker.  Priority input (70-100V) is also available for connection to a paging system, ensuring life/safety announcements are heard loud and clear.  And Digi-Loop is the only loop amplifier to offer an easy-to-read LCD graphic display.

System includes:

(1) PLA DL 210 NET D DSP Induction Loop Amplifier
(2) PLR BP1 Body-Pack Receivers
(2) EAR 022 Surround Earphones
(1) BAT KT6 Dual Drop-In Charger Kit
(1) IDP 009 ADA Wall Plaque (T-Coil)

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