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DSPs (Digital Signal Processors)

Waves – CA1000/2000

The Waves CA1000 and CA2000 DSP engines are designed to integrate easily into new or existing AV installations using Dante™ audio networking, dramatically improving the sound quality and clarity of any space. Designed to process up to 16×16 (CA1000) or 64×64 (CA2000) bidirectional audio channels over the Dante network, including 15 professionally curated audio processing presets that help solve challenges with speech intelligibility, feedback elimination and voice processing, without loss of tonality. Waves CA system presets provide integrators with an impressive set of audio processing tools that will help tame and control common problems that can occur at installations with wireless mics, meeting room/table mics, lectern/pulpit mics, media playback and streaming.
The engine’s presets are based on over two dozen low-latency Waves premium plugins that can be customized and locked-in by the installer for individual channels, groups or zones delivering optimal results based on the complete installation solution and space requirements.

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